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Who Am I?

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My name is Treva Hall Melvin. My first name means housewife, home maker, heck, cookie baker, and on occassion I am all of these things.  My married name, Melvin, is from my Irish husband who is covered in freckles.  We have two children.  My daughter' is a big reader, my son is just learning the pleasures of a good book.  Finally, Hall; my maiden name is one I share with my two amazing parents.  My Dad was the one who encouraged me to become a lawyer. So I did.  After years of  criminal practice, defense and as a special victims prosecutor, I had many stories to tell my Dad.  Sometimes he would laugh so hard he would nearly fall off the chair.  Then there were others that made him sit in silence until I was done.  He told me to write. So I did.   My mother cheered me on in everything I did.


 The title of my first book is "Mr.Samuel's Penny".  It's a page-turning mystery but also a coming-of-age inspired by my own childhood as a city girl spending summers with my grandparents in North Carolina.  Don't worry though.  The actual events are made up!  It will be in stores Nov. 4, 2014, and me right along with it.  Check out the dates here of my readings.  


Take care everyone.



Title. Double click me.

This is my all time favorite book.  Don't get me wrong, I love many other books and their authors.  But this story has seeped into my bones permanently. It's about family, love, courage, loyalty, friendship and justice.  This is the coming of age story that begot all others.  What are your thoughts?

If you want to chat with me about your dreams to be published and/or writing, you may contact me at  Peace fellow writers!

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